Let’s Start from the Beginning

Starting from the beginning – well, where else would we start?  Today we are launching our blog on everyone’s favorite home of cat pictures: the Internet.  A multimedia platform for storytelling that continues to grow and evolve – not that unlike what we are trying to build here at Indie.

We will take you through the story around the people, the places and, most importantly, the beer that makes up Indie Brewing Company.  This won’t just be us tooting our own horn, though.  This is a real-world account of what is going on; our struggles, our triumphs, and everything in between.  If you want to hear about something that we haven’t talked about, let us know on our contact page or email me at morgan@indiebrewco.com.

So, stay tuned for weekly updates – we can’t wait to share our story with you!

~Connor, Morgan, Kevin and James

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