Why are we creating this membership?

Hello, fellow beer drinkers. We are finally ready to call ourselves a brewery! And that means the beer will soon be flowing from our home to bars, restaurants, retail locations and, if you join our club, to your home. As such, we want you to be one of the first to join the Indie family so you can get awesome beers, swag, and event entry exclusive to the first-ever members of the Indie Alliance.

Like, seriously cool stuff. How about your very own individualized tap handle for your kegerator? Or a private party just for you (and I guess the other members, too). Or exclusive beer releases just for members of the club? Okay, okay. I hear you asking well do I get a discount, at least? Of course. 10% off all merchandise and any of our special release bottles. Plus be the first to know about events, beer releases, and updates to James’ Instagram feed. He follows some adorable puppy accounts.

The details are laid out below, but if you have any questions, feel free to reach out at any time: morgan@indiebrewco.com

Cheers. Kanpai. Prost.

So, what do I get?

8 x 750 ml Bottles of Brewmaster Reserve Special Release Beers (2 quarterly)

The real reason why you are here - for the beer!

Custom 3D printed Indie tap handle with your name (or whatever you want...within reason) printed into the handle

The coolest piece of plastic you will ever own

Name on the wall of our brewery for eternity

*Super-hip brick wall not indicitive of actual wall

Automatically entered into the monthly drawing for a special 750ml bottle

Who has two thumbs and likes winning stuff? You do!

10% off merchandise and additional bottles of special releases

You can rep us on a budget

Invitation to the members-only event

James will probably wear something orange

Private tour of the brewery

Get to meet us in-person and see where the magic happens

First to know about special releases, events, and other cool stuff we may have not even thought of yet.

*puppies may or may not be included

How much does it cost?

$200. If you live outside the Los Angeles area and still in the state of California, we recommend also buying our shipping package, which is $40 ($5 per bottle).

Where can I buy it?

Glad you asked! Here are two ridiculoiusly large buttons that will take you to our store where you can complete your order:

Buy Me!  Buy Me w/ Shipping!

The Fine Print

  • Membership runs from the time of purchase until the end of 2016.
  • Beers will start shipping in the first quarter of 2016
  • We are only permitted to ship within the state of California, so if you live out of state, you will have to designate a Trustee who lives here. Please enter their name and address in the comments box when you check out, or send us an email with their name and address and we will take care of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: If I don’t live in Los Angeles, California how can I get my beer?

A: We are happy to ship the bottles to you anywhere in the state of California. If you have a friend that is in California, you can designate them as a trustee and we can deliver or ship the bottles to them. Please let us know beforehand. We will not give away your bottles without permission.

Q: Why the Indie Alliance? That is weird.

A: The alliance is a partnership between us at the brewery and all of you out there. We wouldn't be where we are without you, so we rely on each other to be great and have great times. And it sounds like being part of something futuristic, which we thought was pretty sweet.

Q: How long does The Alliance last?

A: It will last from the time you purchase until the end of 2016. Space is limited, but if you sign up now for the 2015/2016 Alliance, you will also have the first right to a spot in the 2017 Alliance.

Q: How do I arrange my private brewery tour?

A: Just shoot us an email, use our contact form or give us a call with when you would like to come by. We are at the brewery daily Monday through Friday and sporadically on the weekends.

Q: What is a membership club beer?

A: This beer will be made exclusively for our members. Nobody else on earth will get access to these exclusive brews.

Q: Will the membership party be at the brewery?

A: Unfortunately we are not permitted to hold events at the brewery itself. The location of the members-only event has not been determined yet but it will be near our brewery in downtown Los Angeles.

Q: Besides all these cool perks, where is my money going?

A: Your money will not only get you the great perks listed, it will help us get our brewery off the ground. Essentially, it is going right back into the beer by allowing us to buy more grains, hops, yeast, bottles, etc. Your support is invaluable and we can't thank you enough!

Q: Is this a mug club?

A: Unfortunately since we don’t have a tap room yet, this year we do not offer any taproom perks. We hope to add the taproom in the next year or so.

Q: So, really, I’m like a cool guy. How much does it really cost?

A: For you, $200.